Karen Schneider

Karen Schneider

Writer, editor, mentor, & blogger

I specialize in career and personal development topics, and have been featured as an expert on other platforms for my advice.

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Museyes article

I Said Yes to Everything for a Year and Here's What Happened

I’d started a new job, but was feeling a bit lost. Engaging in what I declared internally to be a big act of self-love, I decided to embrace everything that I wanted or needed for the next year (within reason, of course). If I had the time and the financial capability to do something, I would just say yes and figure the details out later.

Musetraps article

3 Traps New Managers Fall Into (That You Can Easily Avoid)

I found myself absolutely fumbling when it came to being a manager. But through a combination of my desire to succeed (and let’s be honest, fear of failing), advice from mentors, and generally just maturing into my role, I was luckily able to course-correct. Here's what I did: