Karen Schneider

Karen Schneider

Writer/blogger, editor, & mentor

I specialize in career and personal development topics, and have been featured as an expert on other platforms for my advice. Founder of 30ThirstyandTrying.com.

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Shutterstock 93887821 article

The Undeniable Truths of Climate Change: A Call to Action

Climate change has been a hot topic of discussion – and debate – for years now, but many are still uneducated about what it actually is, and the effects on our world.

Heartbreak assholes 2 article

It’s Not You, It’s Me: How Heartbreak Made Me Realize I’m An AssH*le

We all know just how amazing love can be, especially when it’s fresh. It almost feels like you’re floating on cloud nine, sharing a milkshake with two straws and absolutely nothing can go wrong. You f...

Never settle article

Why I Will Always Choose Being Single Over Settling

Is being single really that lonely? I think it’s time we talk about the difference between lonely and alone.